34-36 Stall Street

There is a proposed development by Longacre (Bath) at 34-36 Stall Street involving the refurbishment of the building to provide additional retail facilities, new apartments on the first and second floors together with further apartments in a rooftop extension.  The rear of the building overlooks the courtyard at St Catherine’s.   We have spoken to the developer and his agents who provided details of the proposals and we have visited the site with local residents.

In general, and subject to anything we have not yet seen that may be in the planning application when it is filed, we do not think the development itself will be a problem for residents.  There are, however, justifiable concerns about the management of the construction process which is likely to take about eight months, particularly access, hours of work, machinery, lighting and the avoidance of undue noise, dust, etc.  We have suggested to the developer that satisfactory arrangements covering these areas of concern will be need to be included in the planning application