A Boards

From Monday 2 April anyone in Bath wishing to place an A-board on public land will need to make sure that they comply with the following rules:

  • Only one board per property frontage.
  • Placed against the frontage or property boundary.
  • A minimum of 1.5m width of footway left for pedestrian to use.
  • It must be no bigger than 660mm wide and 1250mm high.
  • It must be freestanding and not chained or tied to street furniture.
  • It must be stable and not weighed down by sandbags.
  • It must not have any sharp edges
  • Swinging and rotating boards are prohibited.
  • It must not carry and offensive or political message.
  • It must not obstruct visibility at junctions.
  • It must not be put out before 9 am

If you see boards in Bath that do not comply with these rules tell the council and/or tell us.