A reaction to planned changes to rubbish collection arrangements

The current proposals are in our view a “one size fits all approach” which completely ignores the practical realities of the situation in the city centre.
Gulls don’t attack bags that have no food in them.

There is a real risk of gull proof bags being permanently left outside city centre houses particularly where there are several flats. They will then become outside rubbish bins with less incentive to separate food waste as gulls won’t attack them.

Because residents work many gull proof bags will, as a matter of course, be left outside on pavements for many hours and in the city centre this means they will be moved or taken.

Given that, many city residents live in flats with very limited storage space the council’s ideas about recycling and storage are impractical, particularly if residents have to store two weeks’ worth.

Most of the rubbish and unsightly pavement blocking rubbish dumps, and in particular most of the food waste is created by businesses and not residents.

Commercial waste left overnight
seven days a week

We would suggest that instead of creating more problems for residents the council should focus on addressing the issues of rubbish created by businesses and street sleepers and drinkers.

Rather than exacerbating residents problems by moving to fortnightly collection we would suggest they talk to commercial waste contractors about creating a daily collection in the city centre.
A permenant commercial waste dump
showing detail
A permanent commercial waste dump