Air Quality

This is the official BANES map showing the extent of air pollution in the city. Air pollution in the areas coloured red is above the safe health levels set by the world health organisation and adopted by the British Government.

Approximately 8,500 people live in these polluted areas and almost all members of TARA.

One of the major sources of pollution is traffic and especially slow moving traffic.

In central Bath much of the main road network is clogged with traffic. Queen Square is a busy gyratory on the A4. The Circus is used by up to 500 vehicles an hour. Some of the heaviest traffic is along the London Road.

These high volumes of traffic have a major impact on the overall appearance and amenity of the city making it a less attractive place to visit. Something which a town an whose economy is heavily dependent on tourism cannot afford. Pollution is also taking a toll on the fabric of the historic buildings visitors come to see.

Faced with all this one would expect our Councilors to have created and be implementing a master plan for traffic management and a clear forecast of its impact on reducing damaging and toxic pollutants. But this is not yet the case.

Other cities have clear strategic plans which are having a real impact. Bristol for instance have transformed their Queen Square from being part of a main thoroughfare to a local oasis for residents and visitors alike.

UNESCO the guardian of Bath’s World Heritage Status, has called on BANES to create an integrated Traffic Control Plan for the city.