Bath and Bath Politics a worrying picture

We now have a cabinet in which the representation of Bath is arguable reduced to one person and there is no representation from the core of the urban area or its unique problems.

For what look like political reasons politicians of all stripes  have chosen to  support a small number of well organised protestors over the interests and health of the majority of people and businesses in the City.

We have few, if any, neutral and well informed media outlets.

We have a new regional mayor whose views about Bath are yet to be clearly articulated but who has chosen to base his operations in Bristol.

We have a police and crime commissioner who was essentially elected by Bristol and has presided over a decline in community policing resources in Bath.

With less than two years to go to council elections we are seeing an increasing emphasis on political point scoring over debate aimed a resolving Baths issues.

The Bath City Forum has failed to deliver even the relatively modest things it was created for and is diverting resources from other arguable better forms of public engagement.