Notes on transport and access proposals


·        Bath is a regional transportation hub.  Would be impossible to locate a stadium in the city centre if this were not the case

·        Nearly half of fans travel by public transport (47%, about 30% by train) or by P and R.

·        No dedicated parking provided at the stadium

·        Almost all fans reach the stadium itself on foot


·        Nearly 40% (36.2%) of fans arrive as car drivers or passengers.  Need to get this number down.  This is about reducing both congestion and air quality

·        Cars circulate in search of parking adding to harmful emissions

·        Illegal parking rife in residential streets around the stadium and there is a lack of policing and enforcement

·        Serious pedestrian congestion in streets around the stadium.  Pedestrian links to city centre inadequate.  About a third of supporters spend about four hours in the city centre in addition to match time


·        Encourage greater use of public transport and P and R. 

·        Incentives: discounted tickets, beer vouchers, etc

·        Batheaston P and R essential to provide additional capacity

·        Following line upgrades new trains could enhance capacity

·        Incentives to increase use of buses.  No current changes to match day timetables

·        Improve pedestrian access to the stadium.  New foot/cycle bridge across the river linking stadium and sports centre to the city centre.

·        Extra parking enforcement on match days, tow trucks, enhanced penalties, etc.

·        Ban on coaches leaving engines running

·        More bike racks