BTP – City Centre Improvements – Phase 1

We broadly support the day time pedestrianisation of these streets which most pedestrians already treat as though they were already pedestrianised.
However, we are yet again being offered a piecemeal proposal with:
1.      No overall plan for  managing traffic in the city centre to give it context
2.      No explanation of what impact the council expect these proposals to have elsewhere in the city centre
3.      No explanation of how this is going to work with other city centre schemes and in particular the “experiments” on Bog Island and Dorchester Street which in concert with this scheme will potential create significant problems for those living around the Abbey.
It is to be hoped that those residents who had the time to visit the consultation day at the Guildhall were able to get some help with their particular issues and we are gathering feedback about that. 
However, it would be much better if BANES moved from having one off projects, packages and experiments to a properly articulated and researched plan for managing traffic in the city and reducing pollution levels.