CCTV issues still unresolved

1. We still do not have a clear method for proposing and getting approval for new CCTV cameras or indeed getting existing cameras moved

2. BANES commercialisation programme is not delivering investment where it is needed or as quickly as it is needed

3. The police contribute little or nothing

4. Residents and businesses will not fundraise or sponsor without:

o   Getting a say in how the network is managed

o   Getting a convincing explanation about why the police don’t contribute

o   Without public bodies taking responsibility for ongoing costs

5. The PCC appears to suggest that the police regard CCTV as a “nice to have” while officers on the ground, and common observation, say it is increasing essential. She still not explain how she is planning to address residents’ concerns without CCTV

6. BANES has failed to get agreement to link Network Rail’s CCTV at and around the station