City Centre clean air put on indefinite hold

Once again BANES have let down the majority of city centre residents in the face of noisy protests by self-interested minorities.

This time they have decided to effectively abandon measures that would have urgently addressed the scandal of Bath city centre residents being poisoned and having their health irreparably damaged.

Bath politicians, in general, have played politics with residents health and well being by simply using the issue as a series of sticks to beat the current Tory administration ahead of the election.

Our MP has largely sat on her hands on this issue and contented herself with organising talking shops which seem to have more to do with her personal promotion than any attempt to drive action. If conferences, working parties and brainstorming would address the problem Bath would already have the cleanest air in Europe!

The organisation that repeatedly claims, with little justification, to speak for Bath residents, namely FOBRA, has done its best to frustrate the CAZ in pursuit of its own amateur efforts at devising a “better” plan than that recommended by BANES officers and their highly qualified consultants.