Cleanliness Issues in Bath City Centre

Things we still see too often

1. Black bags tearing open
2. Bottles and glasses whole and broken
3. Chewing gum on pavements
4. Cigarette smokers from shops and other business premises using other peoples doorways to smoke in
5. Coffee cups and other takeaway food litter
6. Confusions about rubbish collection days leading to bags and boxes being on the street for several days and acting as a magnet for litter
7. Fly Tipping
8. General littering
9. Gulls tearing black bags
10. Litter dropped by people hanging about outside clubs and bars to smoke, talk and get fresh air
11. Litter dropped by people queuing to get into clubs and bars
12. Litter thrown in doorways and alcoves in the property line that are not cleaned by the street cleaners
13. People using the Charity Shops as a cover for fly tipping
14. Smokers stubbing cigarettes out on walls
15. Spitting on pavements
16. Street drinkers rifling through black bags and charity shop “donations”
17. The street cleaning schedule being out of step with peak littering/bleeding/vomiting times
18. Trade waste left overnight or poorly collected
18. Urine everywhere
19. Vomit on in alcoves, doorways and walls not tackled by street cleaning services
20. Vomit on pavements

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