Comments on the draft B&NES Police & Crime Plan

There are three main area that we would want to see strengthened:
1. In dealing with drink fuelled anti-social behaviour we would like to see something about tackling problem licenced premises
2. The police make extensive use of CCTV and CCTV is key to effectively addressing problems of the NTE. CCTV is always vulnerable in times of austerity and it would be good to see some statement in the policing plan of its role and importance
3. PACT is a poor consultation mechanism and it would be good to see a commitment to creating a more representative and deliberative mechanism
Finally on comment about the Purple Flag reference. It could easily be read as complaisance about the current drink and drug fuelled problems of the NTE in Bath city centre and we are sure that is an impression which is not intended. We would like to see a clear acknowledging that notwithstanding the Purple Flag there is still much to be done.