Holiday lets and party houses

Holiday lets in a residential setting, if they are badly managed and policed, cause misery for residents with noise, abusive language and behavior, litter and children being exposed to overtly sexual behavior particularly if the let is to hen and stag parties.

Existing noise and anti-social behavior legislation too often fails to help residents.

This is particularly the case in BANEs where numbers of police and local government officers working on Public protection and anti-social behavior are at historic lows.

We think landlords who want to pursue this lucrative business model should as a minimum:

  • Have to apply planning permission for change of use
  • Pay business rates
  • Be held responsible for the behavior of their tenants, preferably with the sort of financial bond system in use elsewhere 
Ideally, we would like to see the introduction of a proper licencing regime for anyone proposing to offer this sort of very short term let.