Improving Enforcement in the public realm – a suggested approach

The suggestion is that a group be set up to produce a Task and Finish report on Enforcement in our city.

This should be addressed in 4 parts.

1. A review of all the current public realm enforcement regulations and penalties and establish what the current policy is towards their implementation and what enforcement activity has been conducted over the last 5 years.

2. Seek legal advice about whether new legislation could be used to create more enforcement options. Some of these options may require formal consultations before they can be used and at this stage it might be necessary to undertake some informal consultations to establish likely public responses.

3. Assess available resources that are or might be made available to improve reporting and enforcement. This would include:

•             Staff in BANEs, officers both police authorities, residents, businesses, the BID and other agencies who are active on the streets

•             Technology such as the CCTV network, personal CCTV, radio networks, text reporting and personal phone apps 

4. Preparation of a detailed report and a list of recommendations for the Council to consider and approve in order to implement an improved enforcement regime for our city. This would have the aim of improving the quality of life for all those who live, work and visit our city.