We support the police in calling for a review of the licence for these premises.

We have, as part of the planning process, raised resident’s concerns that the accumulated permissions and licences issued to this applicant would open the way, given the design of this building, to allowing the applicant to run late night events with very large numbers of young people and pointed to their advertising targeting students and vertical drinking. We understand the venue has regularly put out advertising promising cheap drink offers.

We have on previous occasions not opposed license applications because we were assured that this sort of event was not part of the venue’s business model. We understand that this assurance was offered to other interested parties.

In the event these assurances have proven empty and the venue is gradually turning into the sort of late night music and dance venue targeted at young people and fuelled by drink promotions that have become the focus of late night noise and anti social behaviour elsewhere in the city.

We do not need more venues of this type in the city. In particular these premises are close to a number of noise sensitive housing units and complaints of noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour have provided ample evidence of the need to review the conditions attached to this license to prevent them operating in this way in future.

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