Management of the Night Time Economy

Bath city centre is special and one of the things that make it special is the large number of people who choose to live in the heart of the historic city. It is also important for the city that we continue to attract people to visit the historic city both because of the economic benefits they bring but also because of the rich cultural life which they make possible.

Both these groups of people complain that they too often have to suffer the consequences of drink fuelled noise and antisocial behaviour in the city at night especially at weekends. The management of the night time economy is therefore a key issue for anyone who cares about Bath.

TARA is working with other stakeholders and the local authorities to improve the way in which the night time economy is managed and planned.

We support initiatives such as the Cumulative Impact Policy, Purple Flag accreditation, the City Centre Manager and the Kingsmead Square project. But we think there is a need much more effective coordination of the planning and enforcement agencies to deliver:

• A city centre which is seen to be safe and welcoming for a wide range of people;
• More smaller eating and drinking establishments catering to all age and social groups;
• A richer night time entertainment offer with less emphasis on noise and alcohol
• A significant reduction in drink fuelled antisocial behaviour;
• A significant reduction in noise for residents

In pursuing these objectives TARA:

• Works to achieve licence conditions which protect the interests of the wider community;
• Lobbies for better co-ordination of enforcement agencies;
• Works to oppose planning and licensing decisions which will expand the number of vertical drinking establishments and nightclubs in the city centre;
• Lobbies for more joined up thinking in planning for the evening and night time economy of the City centre