Meeting with Julie Girling MEP

We and CARA approached Julie Girling MEP to set up a meeting to share our concern about the high levels of pollution in Bath which are damaging the health of people who live and work here and are damaging the historic buildings which are at the centre of the city’s economic prosperity.
We approached Julie as a member of the European Parliament with  known concern with environmental issues.
BANEs, in common with many others, appear to have be in breach of European directives on this issue but appear to be doing little to remedy their breach. The EU appears to be accepting this situation far too easily.

BANES has a notional plan for addressing the issue of air pollution but appear to do little more than monitor pollution levels, expand the area under management and move the dates on all other action back another year.
The meeting took place on the 6th September and Ms Girling has undertake to put forward the Parliamentary Question to the Commission with regard to the air quality in Bath and to have a further meeting with us to plan future actions.