Parking in the Central Zone

Statistics are quite hard to come by where Bath parking is concerned. The data we do have shows 952 parking spaces and 1167 resident vehicle permits issued in the Central Zone (2006 figures from Parking Services). These numbers predate the loss of parking spaces to the car club and new cycle racks.

The current draft parking strategy paper has 936 spaces in the Central zone (2009 survey data) but has no data on residents permits.

The BANES  2011 parking strategy paper shows a gross disparity between the Central Zone and the Outer Zones, with about 40% occupancy in the Outer zones and up to 100% in the Central Zone.  The Council seems content with a situation where the Central Zone has to carry almost the entire burden of on street visitor parking, which seems to us inequitable when many of the Outer Zones are very close to the centre.

The planning approval given to new hotels with no parking of their own will make things a great deal more difficult for residents, especially in the area covered by TARA.

BANES do not even mention residents in the parking section of the Core Strategy despite representations from residents associations during the consultation phases.