Parking permits and the Bath Sky Ride

We asked BANES for their official advise to residents displaced by parking restrictions put in place for the Bath Sky Ride. They have sent use the following statement:-

As last year, residents who hold a B&NES Parking Permit for the roads effected by parking suspensions, will be reminded that from:

6 pm on Saturday 4 June until 8 am on Monday 6 June 2011, they are able to park on any Parking Zones, with the exception of Zones 15 and 16, which applies to those roads East of Lansdown Road to the London Road (Except Doctors bays, Car Club bays, Disabled bays and Loading bays) within the City and on single yellow lines, not effected by the parking suspensions.

In addition, the terms and conditions outlined in the application for a Parking Permit states:

“With the exception of reserved car park bays the parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.
Parking is only permitted in a Permit Holders Bay or a Dual Use Bay in the zone or car park for which the permit has been issued.
Pay & Display, Limited Waiting, Yellow Line Markings and other highway restrictions must be obeyed as signed.
The permit must be prominently displayed at all times in the windscreen of the vehicle in the Permit Holder provided in such a manner that a Civil Enforcement Officer can easily read or scan the details.
Where applicable paper permits must be completed in ink, alterations to the details on a paper permit will automatically render it invalid.
The permit is only valid for the vehicle registration(s) given. The Council must be immediately notified of any change to the vehicle registration prior to the permit being used. Alternative parking should be sought pending confirmation of the change.
If the permit becomes defaced, illegible, lost or destroyed it is the responsibility of the holder to obtain a replacement. An administration fee will be payable. Until a replacement permit has been obtained you must find alternative parking.
Vehicles must be parked wholly within the bay markings.
Responsibility for renewal of the permit lies with the permit holder. Displaying an expired/invalid permit may result in a penalty charge notice being issued.
The Council or Police may temporarily suspend the whole or part of a parking place which will be marked accordingly. Vehicles should not be parked in a suspended parking place without signed authorisation from a Council Official or Police Officer.
The maximum laden weight of a vehicle permitted to park in a parking bay is 2.0 tonnes. Permits will only be issued for:
a passenger vehicle; a car derived van; a goods vehicle with a taxation class of PLG
Where a dispute arises as to the eligibility of any applicant for a permit, the Council’s decision in relation to the issue of that permit shall be final.
Failure to comply with any of the above conditions may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued which will be enforced. No further warnings will be given.
The Council reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions”