Planning Application 20/01466/ODCOU the proposed development at Eveleigh House, Grove Street

Unfortunately it is not clear in plans submitted with the application exactly what is intended in relation to the ‘student entrance’ to the building. There is concern among our members at Caxton Court at the reference on Dwg 1080/171 to a first floor level door that is to be ‘re-hung and set into a handed frame” and that this may indicate that this door, currently a fire exit door, may be used, also or instead, as an entrance to the building by students. The door affords a view directly into bedrooms a short distance away at Caxton Court through skylights and could offer a clear risk of overlooking.

We therefor ask that a decision on the application be DEFERRED until the applicant is able to clarify the intended means of access to and exit from the building by students.