Going Forward

• We support in principle proposed increase in the number and working hours of the Parking Enforcement Officers
• We are concerned about the likely impact of a refurbished Manvers Street Car Park on traffic flows
• We would welcome in principle the extension of Park and Ride to Sundays but in general we would like to see more discussion of how the charging strategy links into the wider transport strategy and in particular the provision of public transport

Park and Ride Charges

• We would like to discuss with BANES what their models indicate about the impact of fee increases on traffic coming into the city

Off Street Parking in Bath

• We support the principal of keeping on street parking more expensive than of street parking and off street parking more expensive than park and ride

Resident’s Parking Permits

• We understand the need for the charge to cover costs in the current financial climate and welcome the proposals to increase enforcement. We would however like to see this fee increase accompanied by proposals to increase the availability of parking spaces for residents in the central zone

On Street Parking Charges in Bath

• We would like to see these charges applied on Sunday as there is little practical difference in the use of cars in the city centre between Saturdays and Sundays

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