Proposed Public Space Protection Order

Banes is currently running a public consultation on a proposal to ban on the use of amplifiers in the following locations: Abbey Church Yard, Kingston Parade and Abbey Green. This would be achieved by putting in place a Public Space Protection Order. You can access this consultation at and we would urge you to do so.

The criteria for issuing a Public Space Protection Order are:

  • That the activities i.e. the use of amplification have had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality
  • The activities are persistent or continuing
  • The activities are unreasonable

We do support the introduction of a PSPO to control amplified busking around the Abbey but we are a little puzzled both by this proposal and the consultation.

We receive numerous complains about amplified music affecting peoples lives. We also know that BANES in its various manifestations receives large numbers of complaints about amplified music .

Only a relatively small proportion of these complains are about buskers or relate to the areas mention in this consultation.

Most relate to businesses, typically licensed premises, in areas like George Street, the Parades, Manvers Street, Bladud Buildings etc. Many of these complaints report that the use of amplified music particularly late at night is having a very detrimental on their quality of life, many complains have a history going back years and it seems to us unreasonable that any business should be using amplification at a level that impacts their neighbours.

Over the years Banes has done little to address many of these complains or tackle these problem areas. This is why we are puzzled that they are now proposing action in these limited circumstances and in these limited areas.

We do of course welcome the fact that they are at last starting to tackle the problem but hope that the action will not stop with this very limited first step.