Response to New Premises licence application at 66 WALCOT STREET

There are currently twenty three apartments at The Tramshed  immediately behind the above referenced premises.  They are occupied by households of all ages including children.  The building is currently under development to replace the former restaurant on the ground floor with a furniture store together with a further eighteen apartments on floors above.

Businesses operating at this address have previously held licenses as had the restaurant that preceded the furniture store referred to above.  We contend, however, that the hours requested by the applicant on this occasion which would extend the permitted sale of alcohol on and off the premises until 2.00 am Monday to Saturday and commencing at 7.00 am on Sunday are entirely inappropriate in a location of this sensitivity.  Compared with peer cities Bath has an unusually large proportion of its residents who have chosen to live in the city centre.  The existence of open drinking areas of the kind apparently proposed by the applicant and the noise emanating from the entrances and exits of licensed premises are among the commonest complaints that TARA receives from its members. The applicant has, moreover, apparently ignored Bath’s Cumulative Impact Policy which requires him to demonstrate that he is aware of the possible impact of his proposals on the surrounding area and that they will not adversely affect the city’s Licensing Objectives.  So far as we are aware no applicant has been granted hours this late since the Cumulative Impact Policy was introduced in 2007. 

We therefor request in accordance with the council’s Licensing Objectives 3, the Prevention of Public Nuisance, and 4, the Protection of Children from Harm, that the application as it stands be REFUSED. 

If, however, the council is minded to approve the application we ask that conditions be imposed as follows

·         That alcohol be sold solely in conjunction with menu-based food.

·         That no food or alcohol be sold for consumption off the premises.

·         That the sale and consumption of alcohol commence no earlier than 09.00 seven days a week and cease no later than 23.00 hours Monday to Saturday and 22.00 hours Sunday.

·         That the sale and consumption of alcohol and all licensable activities cease in the rear courtyard at 22.00 hours nightly rather than at 23.00 hours as we understand has been suggested by the applicant.

·         That customers enter and leave the premises only by the front (Walcot Street) entrance and that the rear entrance be used solely as a service entrance, staff entrance if necessary and fire exit.

·         That customers are prevented from gathering for drinking and smoking at the rear of the building.