Response to the Licensing Policy Consultation

Broadly, and because we recognise the limitations imposed on the Licensing Authority by legislation, we are supportive of the Policy as drafted. 
We particularly welcome the emphasis on best practice and the incorporation of examples of best practice in the policy so that they can be taken into account in judging applications, enforcement activities and reviews. 
We would have liked to have seen more in that best practice about working with local residents and residents’ representatives. 
Where licensees have shown a willingness to engage with local residents we have seen a significant reduction in complaints and real reductions in public nuisance. Examples include pre-application consultations, acceptance of conditions to hold regular meetings with residents, giving residents contact telephone numbers and participation in Nightwatch.
We accept that the redrawing of the boundary of the cumulative impact boundary reflects the new situation on the ground, largely due to key premises closing or significantly changing their business models. 

We did have one suggestion that BANES might consider. While acknowledging that it would fall outside what was envisioned by Cumulative Impact Assessment in the Act. We would propose including the river bank outside the Rugby Stadium and relevant adjacent streets and areas on the grounds that there is soon to be a substantial planning application which includes several new licensable premises in this area and that this is likely to greatly increase the cumulative impact within the timeframe of the review.