We broadly agree with the PCC’s vision and priorities.

However, we think her plan needs to be much clearer about what is meant by vulnerability and how competing vulnerabilities will be addressed.

We agree that strengthening and improving your local policing teams should be a priority but would observe that almost all the changes brought in by the PCC since the role was created have weakened local policing teams and connections between police and the communities they serve.

We agree that ensuring Avon and Somerset Constabulary have the right people, right equipment and right culture should be a priority but would note that while CCTV is increasingly important in effective policing Avon and Somerset invest little or nothing on the network.

We agree that working together effectively should be a priority but note that there is little coordination or pooling of funding over things like CCTV and that while the PCC took control of a number of BANES budgets including public protection there is little sign that this money has been spent in improving policing or public safety in BANES.