Sexual Entertainment Venues BANES draft policy

TARA is broadly supportive of the principles articulated in the draft policy.
We would want to make a couple of additional comments:
We think that there is broad agreement that these sort of premises should not be sited close to residential properties. We think it important that the policy requires that this decision be made on a case by case basis rather than on the basis of zoning .
We think it is important to look at the wider impact of such establishments on the mix of entertainment provided in a particular area. For example the centre of Bath attracts lots of hen nights currently but few stag nights. Looking at the web sites of companies who sell hen and stag night packages the reason for this seems to be the lack of sexual entertainment venues in Bath. So the provision of such venues in close proximity to Bath’s vertical drinking venues would have the potential to create a very considerable negative impact on the environment of the city centre.