TARA comments on the Olive Branch development

Local residents on Milsom Street, George Street and Gay Street already suffer considerable noise nuisance and other forms of public nuisance from licensed premises in the front of their buildings.

Up to now the noise nuisance at the rear of these buildings has been minimal. These proposed new premises threaten this and the quiet enjoyment of their premises of the more immediate neighbours

The premises lie at the focus of an amphitheatre formed by the backs of the buildings in Old King Street, Gay Street, George Street and Milsom Street which makes this location a particularly sensitive one when considering the potential noise nuisance

Of particular concern is the owners intention to create a roof garden. A sizable crowd of people socialising, eating and drinking at this level in an open area will inevitably create a significant noise and it is not clear how they will manage noise generated here to avoid causing significant disturbance to neighbours

Outdoor areas in licence premises are a frequent source of nuisance and complaint.

In a noise sensitive area like this we believe such an outdoor area at roof level, which in the case of many residents will mean the level of their bedroom windows, should not be allowed.

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