TARA response to consultation on public toilet provision – key points

There has been an over-emphasis on the provision of public toilets in public parks at the expense of the commercial and heritage core of the city.

Better facilities are needed close to the main north-south commercial axis of the city centre (Milsom/ Stall Streets) and the main cross-routes (Westgate/Cheap Streets/ Upper Borough Walls)

Bath has a compact city centre with a relatively high number of residents and a high visitor density therefore a 200m access standard is preferred

At night the patterns of demand for toilet facilities in the city centre change. Large numbers of mainly young people are on the streets moving between pubs, bars, clubs and fast food outlets. It may be that temporary toilet facilities are most appropriate for the night time economy and we believe the facility at Orange Grove need to be retained and extended to three other areas: South Parade (taxi rank) Kingsmead/Sawclose and George Street.

The Partnership/Community Toilet Scheme is a promising idea but private sector partners will need to be far more welcoming to the public by providing accessible and well signed locations.

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