TARA’s Response to the BANES Core Strategy – Key Points

• We would like to see recognition of the fact that part of the special nature of Bath derives from the number of people choosing to live in the historic centre of the city.
• We would like to see more emphasis on the importance of walking and pedestrian access in the city.
• The importance of independent retailers in the making the Bath retail offer distinctive needs to be highlighted
• We would like to see air quality as a separate health issue not just an add on to the traffic problem
• We would like to see acknowledgement of the problem created by the imbalance in the evening economy with the dominance of vertical drinking establishment over other forms of premises tending to exclude families and causing nuisance for residents and law enforcement
• The question of student accommodation is rather oddly presented as an objective. This is at least as much an issue for the development of the campuses and their adjoining communities as it is for central Bath.
• We would have concern over any strategy which emphasised the need for identifiable commercial office units in the centre of Bath over other requirements such as cultural and tourism facilities

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