The Consultation on the Rec

We feel that there is not enough information provided to make any meaningful comment on the balance between benefits and detriments in the Trustees’ proposals. We don’t think a meaningful judgement can be made in the absence of a substantive proposal for any new development. This would need to include:

  • Details of facilities, including non-sporting facilities such as shops, bars and restaurants
  • Some idea of the size and outline of building on the site
  • Indications of proposed usage beyond rugby and expected attendance numbers required to achieve financial viability
  • Indication of how the impact of the above would be managed in terms of such issues as parking provision, traffic and noise management

In any case it is not clear that the proposed land use plan referred to in the consultation documents can be relied on. The owner of Bath Rugby seems to have indicated in recent press interviews that he wants the club to have a substantially bigger stadium than the trustees seem to envision in their statements.

The consultation appears intended to close off discussion of other locations for a new stadium and does not seem to distinguish local residents from visitors to Bath who may well have an opinion about the Ruby Club but have no interest in Bath or the Rec beyond that. It also seems a strange decision to run such a consultation ahead of the results of local elections and the consequent change of trustees.