The council has a strategy…

The council’s Cabinet committee adopted a new Corporate Strategy 2023-27 at a meeting held on July 13th. As the Liberal Democrats were re-elected with an increased majority, this, unsurprisingly, restates much of the previous Corporate Strategy 2020-24 but places a greater emphasis on “delivery” adding “nine priorities which set out how people’s lives will be improved over the next four years”.

The document contains a depressingly large volume of corporate speak, with reference to a favoured “doughnut economics” model and “decision wheels” but if you’re prepared to wade through this there are some specific commitments which we, as city centre residents, would welcome if acted upon.

For example, under the Principle of “Delivering for Local Residents” the commitment is to “continually improve front-line services across our communities, whilst protecting the most vulnerable” with a priority of providing “Clean, safe and vibrant neighbourhoods – working with local communities to promote civic pride and preventative approaches”. It will be interesting to see if, how and when this particular priority will translate into tackling problems we raised in our June 2023 news posting, for example. 

TARA is a non-political association and maintains a cordial and constructively critical relationship with our elected ward councillors for the city centre and with other Cabinet members and council officials. We will endeavour to hold the council to its stated commitments in its newly adopted Strategic Plan.