The Experimental Road Layout for Bog Island

Since the original scheme was put out to consultation last year very substantial changes have been made which seem to have favoured the interests of taxis, buses, coaches and shops over residents.
For those residents living in the pedestrianised streets, and there are many, between the Huntsman and Abbey Green, particularly those who are elderly or disabled, the loss of parking and loading in Terrace Walk represents a significant loss of amenity which is not addressed by the provision of parking in York street.
This scheme does not live in isolation and it is not clear how it is intended that these arrangements should work with the arrangements usually made for the Christmas market. In particular it is not clear how this scheme will work with the proposed closure of Dorchester Street to most vehicles with the consequent additional pressure on traffic crossing North Parade bridge an area where gridlock is already a common occurrence. With coaches and tour buses using Terrace Walk they will be stopping very close to the exit of the road over North Parade Bridge and this is bound to cause additional congestion in the immediate area as the coach drivers jockey for the limited space available.
This scheme has been characterised as a temporary experiment but it is not clear from the consultation thus far who will decide if the experiment is a success or what criteria they will use in making that judgement.