The Komedia Licence Review

On reading the public statements by Komedia and its supporters we at TARA began to feel rather worried. Apparently they have discovered a conspiracy involving the police and local residents groups to tear a huge hole in the economic and cultural life of Bath by inviting the Licensing Committee to abolish Komedia. We had just started to have alarming visions of hundreds of vehicles turning away from Bath as the occupants learned that we would no longer be able to offer them the chance to see the “Ministry of Burlesques High Tease” or “Drags Aloud at the Movies” when we decided to go back and check what this committee was actually being asked to do.

Most residents, welcome a well run Cabaret venue in Bath. In particular we did welcome, with some reservations, the kind of establishment that was described when this venue applied for its initial licensing and permissions.

What we are asking now seems fairly modest. It is that in the light of reality, as documented by the police and experienced by residents, of how this venue has actually operated in using it’s licensing permissions that this committee reviews the terms of the license and in particular considers whether the very late opening hours are appropriate.

It was particularly interesting, reading Komedia’s submissions to the committee, to understand why these very late hours were so essential to delivering their contribution to the cultural life of the City. The explanation offered in their last submission appears to be that if they cannot offer very late drinking the Stag and Hen parties will take their pursuit of culture to other venues.

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