The Nest’s application for extended hours

These premises are, as we understand it, subject to the cumulative impact policy.
The premises are very close to a number of noise and nuisance sensitive residential premises and both we, and as we understand it the local authority, have received numerous complaints regarding noise and nuisance associated with these premises and in particular from the noisy crowds who regularly stand outside. Many people in these crowds appear to us to be drunk. On one occasion we observed someone in a group leaving these premises with a pint glass of what appeared to be lager and walk up George Street to join his friend in the crowd outside Moles which led us to further question the management of crowds and drinking at these premises.
The offer at these premises is based on vertical drinking and  music, often highly amplified.

These premises sit at the end of the George Street area. This area, until recently, was regarded as the worst area in Bath for drink fueled anti-social behavior Hard work by a number of organisations and agencies have started to turn this area around. This improvement has been achieved by encouraging more responsible proprietors and managers, more effective enforcement and much tighter better structured conditions. It would be regrettable if this progress was undermined by allowing a these premises to extend their hours of operations.