The Night Time Economy – Key concerns

Key issues which concern city centre residents in relation to the operation of the night time economy can be summarised as follows:

-Rowdy Crowds
-Street Drinkers
-Poorly managed licensed premises
-Individual anti-social behaviour

Residents are of course concerned with the more “serious” issues of crime such as violent and sexual assaults. However, these are rare in Bath and so the focus inevitably falls on these lesser forms of crime, disorder and nuisance.

Bath city centre residents recognise that the many benefits of living in the centre of a beautiful and vibrant city are inevitably attended by the need to be tolerant of a wide range of other users of the city’s amenities.

City centre residents are on the whole very tolerant of the inevitably lively atmosphere in Bath at night. However, the issues listed above if not kept under review and managed can make living in the centre intolerable and Bath would be a very different and poorer place if residents voted with their feet as has sadly happen in so many other cities.

It is for this reason that TARA devotes much of its time and resources to working with the police, council, responsible licensees and other agencies concerned with the management of Bath at night.