The Poor Quality of BANES consultations

With a few notable exceptions BANES public consultations have been of very poor quality. Some of the recurrent problems are:

  1. Poorly designed questions
  2. Poorly structure questionnaires
  3. Poor presented background information and poorly researched information leading to poorly informed responses
  4. An over reliance on questionnaires
  5. A failure to use more deliberative processes
  6. A focus on consulting groups generating negative publicity
  7. A over reliance on self selecting respondents over more representative sampling
This has led to a whole series of confused, badly informed decisions and an over emphasis on vociferous minorities over wider public opinion.
We need our politicians to get a grip on this by:
  1. Getting better expert advice
  2. Learning from their own best practice
  3. Engaging with a broader range of organisation while designing consultations