The Porter Licensing Application

We broadly welcome the premises being proposed here as a replacement for what was one of the principle sources of noise and drink fuel antisocial behaviour on George Street. In doing so we rely heavily on the promises made by the applicant’s company, both in private meetings and in public announcements, that the new premises will be not be a vertical drinking establishment but be much more broadly based with an emphasis on food.
There are however three areas which we would like raise with the Licensing Authority with a view to altering the proposed conditions.
Firstly if there is going to be amplified music we would like to see a condition requiring the use of noise limiters set at a level agreed by Environmental Protection. These premises are in close proximity to a number of residential premises and noise leakage from amplified music has been a significant problem in the past including during the tenure of the applicant’s company. It is perhaps worth pointing out that neighbouring premises have a similar condition.
Similarly most premises in the area have a condition requiring them to clear litter from their immediate vicinity. Smokers outside this type of premises will inevitable create considerable litter nuisance and it seems reasonable that the applicants should clear up any mess caused by their operation.

Finally, we would ask the committee to give careful consideration to the hours of operation. The noise affected area around these premises in Gay Street, George Street, Miles buildings and parts of the Circus are heavily residential. It is not clear to us what the applicant’s case is for the extremely late opening hours he is proposing. We hope that the Licensing Authority will undertake appropriate enquiries to ensure that the hours set are both necessary and proportional.