The Saw Close Development and Disabled Parking Provision

In our submission to the council following the application for planning consent for the Saw Close casino and hotel (13/04234/EFUL) we supported the removal of short stay parking spaces from the site as well as the absence of new parking in the proposals.  However, we asked that more thought be given to parking for Blue Badge holders.  It is normally a sound principle in any city centre development that where there is a proposal to exclude most traffic from an area in favour of pedestrians and cyclists parking for the disabled, who may be unable to take full advantage of the improvements, should be increased or at least maintained rather than reduced.  With the removal, without replacement, of the three existing spaces for Blue Badge holders on the site the nearest available short stay parking will be adjacent to Kingsmead Square, a distance of some 200 metres, and this parking resource is likely to come under increased pressure.  
We are disappointed that the council ignored our previous comments and request, in the strongest possible terms, that the number of parking spaces available to Blue Badge holders on the site should be maintained or increased rather than reduced