The Stadium for Bath

Bath Rugby has published revised plans for a new stadium at the Recreation Ground as part of a ‘public consultation’ ahead of a formal planning application, which it expects to file later this year. The plans differ significantly from earlier proposals and, at a number of preview events attended by TARA committee members, the general consensus was that they are much improved. At the time of writing, the outline plans can be viewed on the Bath Rugby website here: 

Many of us support in principle a new, much improved stadium and the potential economic and other benefits it can bring to the city and its residents, whether rugby-supporters or not. However, we cannot as yet say whether this particular plan is worthy of support as a number of concerns remain open.  

The devil is in the detail and TARA will respond to this detail when the formal planning application documents are available for comment. 

Our response, over and above the stadium’s design and its potential impact on views from the city, will focus on the stadium’s potential impact on the public realm along the riverside (an important amenity for residents), it’s proposed use as a “new civic venue” for Bath, the opportunity – hopefully not overlooked in the plans – to improve significantly the management of crowds during match-days (including a promised “comprehensive travel plan”), the impact of noise and floodlighting on city residents and, with particular regard to the latter, proposals for non-sporting uses such as music festivals/concerts. 

We intend to work closely with our neighbouring residents’ association (PERA, the Pulteney Estate Residents’ Association) to co-ordinate our response with regard to the impact on residential life around the Stadium and with other civic groups, such as the Bath Preservation Trust, with regard to the Stadium’s design and its impact on Bath’s unique heritage status.