Trade waste on the streets

 We remain unconvinced that many if any business in Bath really needs to be allocated permanent on-street trade waste dumps and we are calling for BANES to be much more transparent about how it makes decisions in this area. We also question why there is so little consultation about the location of such dumps. 
While this debate continues we believe that those businesses that have been given the privilege of storing their waste on the street should be held to a code of conduct which includes the following requirements:

·       Keeping the bins washed down

·       Sweeping the area around the bins at least twice a day

·       Taking responsibility for reporting and fly-tipped waste cleared

·       Getting their waste collected often enough to avoid overfilling

·       Not letting waste creep into the area of residential and business premises near their dump

·       Maintaining the locking systems on the bins

·       Making their staff pick up rubbish they spill

·       Making the waste contractors pick up the waste they spill

·       Wrapping organic waste properly

·       Not continuing to add waste to bins that are already full