Bath is unusual amongst medium-sized cities for the large number of residents that chose to live in its historic core. We are drawn here by the unique architecture, the vibrant mix of culture and commerce and the easy access to the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

However, we also experience many of the problems of the modern city, some of which are particularly noteworthy in Bath. TARA aims both to alleviate problems experienced by city centre residents and to promote new initiatives designed to enhance the quality of life in the city.

TARA sets out to achieve these aims by:

  • Providing a channel through which residents’ views and concerns can be heard by official bodies such as the local council.
  • Proactively co-operating with other local organisations that aim to improve the city centre environment for its residents.
  • Bringing together residents at TARA-sponsored events in the city centre and keeping them informed of TARA’s activities through our online and email Newsletter.
  • Providing direct benefits to TARA members such as discounts at local independent businesses. All city centre residents are welcome to Join Us to enjoy these benefits.

Our Projects page describes the main issues on which TARA is focussed this year and the Partners page lists organisations with which we co-operate on many of these projects.

Who We Are

There are currently several hundred TARA members and all other residents living in the city centre are welcome to Join Us. TARA operates on a not-for-profit basis and its members are represented by a committee of residents, with officers elected at an annual general meeting. The committee all freely volunteer their time to run TARA for the benefit of its members.

The current committee members are:

  • Ian Tarr – Chair
  • Marcus Hart – Treasurer
  • Julie Perkins – Secretary
  • Judith Rutherford
  • Eileen Anderton
  • Roger Driver
  • Penny Ruddock

The committee is ably supported with invaluable assistance and advice from past Chairs, Ian Perkins and Michael Brett.

We are always looking for more members to join the committee. If you’d like to join, please talk to any committee member or email us. If you’re uncertain, we can arrange for you to attend a committee meeting as an observer to find out more about what is involved.

The TARA Newsletter

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