Short term letting – time for reform

Short term holiday and party lets can cause major problems for neighbouring residents, are not subject to the same regulation or taxation regimes of other more conventional providers of holiday accommodation such as hotels and B&Bs.

Internet companies such as Air B&B are considerably increasing this type of letting and whole neighbourhood are being blighted by the worse tenants and most irresponsible landlords.

 Local authorities are struggling to find legislation which allows them to manage this growing problem London Authorities have fallen back on some legislation from the 1970s which only applies within the boundaries of Greater London. However, even this rather inadequate legal provision was considerably weakened by the deregulations laws passed in 2015.

Outside London local government is struggling with case law which can only be applied in very limited circumstances.

We need central government to recognise the problems created by this type of letting in urban environments like Bath city centre and create a proper and clear legislative framework which allows local authorities to manage this issue efficiently and effectively.

We need legislation which allows planning authorities to reclassify premises that they judge to be  primarily used for short-term lettings as small hotels.