The Min Development

We have seen the chaos surrounding the hotel development on South Parade which has massively overrun, causing unacceptable levels of nuisance and disruption to local residents, creating traffic disruption and creating an eyesore in a conservation area which is of often the first view visitors have of Georgian Bath.

We are now facing the prospect of another similar massive building project right in the heart of the world heritage site. If this development is anywhere near as big a shambles as the one on South Parade it could be a disaster for Bath as a World Heritage Site and tourist destination as well as having a potentially devastating impact on residents and traders in a huge and important area of our city.

What are BANES planning to do to avoid this potentially disastrous scenario unfolding? What lessons have been learned from the shambles on South Parade?

How will the traffic management plan for Bath be adapted to accommodate site traffic? Are the council still planning to exclude traffic from Kingsmead square and how will that work with the need to provide site access and serving of local businesses?

What noise standards will be imposed and who will monitor compliance?

What pollution standards will be imposed and who will monitor and enforce compliance?

How will residents’ rights to privacy be safeguarded?

What standards will be set for keeping the site as visually unobtrusive as possible? This is a very important consideration in the heart of the World Heritage Site.

What support will be available to vulnerable residents living around the site?

What standards will be set for regular ongoing consultation with residents and traders? This latter was a major hole in the planning for the Footprint project

What framework of oversight will be put in place and will it include provision for officers visiting residents and traders to proactively identify issues which need to be resolved? Or will we again rely on a reactive strategy requiring formal complaints?

Will a proper mediation process be put in place to resolve conflicts of interests?