Lord Clement-Jones “Live Music” Private Members Bill

Should this Bill become law public performance of live amplified music, between 08:00-24:00, would no longer require a licence in premises such as pubs or clubs provided that, at the time that the music is being performed, alcohol is being supplied for consumption on the premises and the performance takes place before an audience of no more than 200 people.The exception to this would only be where a specific condition about music is included following a review of the licence or club premises certificate.

The Bill provides that live music in any place that qualifies as a workplace (including schools,hospitals, restaurants and cafes) not otherwise licensed under the Licensing Act does not require a licence, provided it takes place between 08:00-24:00 before an audience of no more than 200 people.

Unregulated live amplified music in a place like Bath has a potential to cause enormous problems. One-off events are one thing, but regular and continuous amplified live music can wreck a neighbourhood.

Presumably the Bill proposer Lord Clement-Jones lives on a country estate or in a flat in Westminster far away from any likely venue!

Check the Bill at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201011/ldbills/012/11012.1-i.html.

On March 4 2011 we may find out whether the government supports this Bill, but it might be helpful if letters are sent to John Penrose, Minister for Licensing, at the DCMS –


2-4 Cockspur Street
SW1Y 5DH –

pointing out your concerns before 4 March