Questions prepared for a meeting with the Chief Constable Nick Gargan and Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens

Question 1

What are you proposing to do to improve the liaison with other agencies to rationalise and improve enforcement processes?

Viewed from a resident’s perspective there is an ever growing body of regulation which is either enforce inadequately of not enforced at all. Examples range from pavement parking and vehicles using roads from which they are banned to serving drunks and the enforcement of licencing conditions.
There appear to be two underlying causes of this:
Firstly the creation of regulation with no discussion of how enforcement will be resourced, this is a particular issue for the police as policy and regulations tend to assume police enforcement by default.
Secondly there is often a lack of clarity about enforcement strategy between agencies particularly in the licencing enforcement.

Question 2

What is your position on how CCTV should be developed in the City and what are you doing to ensure it develops in that way?

CCTV is playing an increasingly important role in the policing of the City centre particularly at night.

As residents we are concerned that there is continued investment in the network and in particular key gaps in the provision are addressed.